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BPC: 5.25(%)   ELECTRODE: 2.00(%)   GCOM: 0.07(%)   GMC: 0.74(%)   GUI: 2.60(%)   ISBK: 1.75(0.00%)   JCC: 0.75(7.41%)   JPH: 2.51(%)   JREI: 0.28(%)   LADAEN: 2.50(%)   MIC: 2.38(%)   NAPCO: 1.06(%)   NCI: 0.94(%)   NIC: 4.50(%)   NSC: 1.92(%)   PADICO: 1.04(0.97%)   PALAQAR: 0.42(%)   PALTEL: 4.26(0.47%)   PICO: 3.77(%)   PID: 1.60(%)   PIIC: 2.10(%)   PIBC: 1.20(%)   SANAD: 2.15(%)   BJP: 2.41(%)   PSE: 4.90(%)   QUDS: 1.50(0.66%)   RSR: 3.00(%)   TIC: 2.80(%)   ABRAJ: 1.28(%)   AHC: 0.53(%)   AIB: 1.65(2.94%)   AIG: 0.28(%)   APC: 6.00(%)   ARAB: 0.81(%)   ARE: 0.30(%)   AZIZA: 2.89(%)   BOP: 2.00(0.00%)   PRICO: 0.39(%)   PEC: 1.48(1.33%)   PHARMACARE: 3.50(%)   TNB: 2.01(0.50%)   TRUST: 3.50(%)   UCI: 0.59(0.00%)   VOIC: 13.20(%)   APIC: 2.65(1.92%)   WASSEL: 0.32(0.00%)   AQARIYA: 0.72(%)   OOREDOO: 0.87(4.40%)  

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Latest News

Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants PACPA has been named as an Associate member of The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

 Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants PACPA  has been named as an ...
Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants with cooperation with Jordanian Association of Public Accountants concludes a workshop about “the latest updates on IFRS "

PACPA in cooperation with the Palestinian Institute for the International Training and Consulting & Ministry of Finance, conclude workshop about “Problems of Taxation files

PACPA issued its semiannual magazine for February 2012

Palestinian Association of certified Public Accountants (PACPA) circulate to all its General Assembly members that PACPA will Start to do site visits

Palestinian Association of certified Public Accountants (PACPA) in cooperation with Al Najah National University Nablus, conclude training course

Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA), And Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA) in Cooperation with Talal Abu Ghazaleh & co. international (TAGI), conclude the Activi

PACPA participated in Annual Palestinian Capital Market Forum

PACPA participated in the Conference of the political economy of Palestine "Daily practices, sustainability and Prospects" organized by the University of Hebron

PACPA has launched its new website

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