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Name :    Jamal Jamil Milhem
Name of Firm:    Abu – Ghazaleh & Co. International (TAGI)
Profession:    CPA  and Executive Director   
Date of Birth:    1970
Years with Firm:    18
Nationality:    Palestinian
•Selected Memberships in Professional Societies and licenses
•Member of the American Institute of the Certified Public Accountants, AICPA – Montana state (USA). From 2000 till now
•Member and Representative of the Arab Society of the Certified Accountants (ASCA). From 1999 till now
•Palestinian Association of Auditors - License # 100/98 (Board member). deputy chairman of PACPA 2010
•Palestinian Consulting firms Association (Board member) -. 2000-2006.
•Member and Representative of the Arab Management Society. 1999 till now
•Financial consultant certified by Palestine Capital Market Authority License No. 1. from 2007 till now
•Certified arbitrator for banking and financial issues  licensed by Ministry of Justice, from 2007
•Member of Arab Accountants Federation CAIRO from 2007
•Member of the Board of Trustees of Palestine Education Initiative from 2006 till 2009
•Conveyer of Ethics committee at the Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountant 2006-2009
•Member of  licensing  committee  for (financial analyst), (financial consultant), (investment consultant) and (IPO manger) at the Palestinian Capital Market Authority in 2008 and 2009

  •Key Qualifications:
The professional background has included strict character, experience and education requirements that are combined together in order to come up with high performance of audit, management and financial consulting services when provided to our current and prospective local and international clients. The profile expresses the involvement in governmental and non-governmental bodies, Industrial, Banking, Trading, and Insurance companies.  

•CPA, Montana State Board of Public Accountants  - USA 1998
•MBA University of Poona – Symbiosis College  - India  1994
•BA - Accounting and Auditing, University of Poona – Symbiosis College  - India  1992

Training courses:
Attended many training courses in auditing, financial and management systems e.g.
•Diploma in Banking – Pitman’s Institute 1992
•Diploma in Computer applications (Dos, WordStar, dBase & Lotus 123) - Megabyte Computer Academy – India.1991
•Becker CPA course for 6 months in USA – Detroit. Covering (124) hours in 1998.   
•Training course in management and financial systems by Arthur Anderson in 1998.
•Training course in International accounting standards by USAID and Deloitte Toche in 2000.
•Training course in Profissional Ethics by USAID and Deloitte Toche in 2001.
•Passed the Ethics Exam By American Institute of Public Accountants on December 31, 2001.
•Attended 2 month training course on European Union & proposal preparation for EU funds. (e-learning) 2005

•Experience Details:

•18 years of experience in Talal Abu- Ghazaleh International From 1992 till now
•Current position: Executive Director – West Bank, offices 1996-till now.
•Office Manager, Senior Auditor –in-charge of Hodaidah Office (Yemen) - Oct. 1992 till Oct. 1996.

Fields of experience:
•Auditing, accounting, Consulting, taxation and financial systems for different activities such as: Banks, insurance companies, hotels, hospitals, industrial unit, shipping companies, investment companies, non-profit organizations, universities, agricultural companies, contracting companies, trading & services companies and funds management organizations
•In addition to experience in Financial  and management consulting, training, liquidation, business valuation  
•Experience in high education, instructor at Alquds University, Abu Dis, for Auditing classes

Writings and papers:
•Article; in Al-Quds Newspaper (ISO, to be or not to be) at 1998.
•Article; in “The Auditor” Magazine in June 2002 (International Accounting Standard 39, Financial Instruments: Acknowledgment & Measurement).
•Article “Palestine Security Magazine”  about IAS  No. 1:  
•IFRS 7 classification of fixed assets Auditors Magazine 2009
•The  Accounting day conference in Beirzeit university in 2007  proposed a paper on (the legal and institutional  frame  of the auditing profession in Palestine)-  The  Accounting day conference in Beirzeit university in 2007  

Selected participations in International Professional conferences:
•International Accounting conference, Beirut December 2009
•An international accounting conference (fair Value ) Amman 2006
•The Fourth International Accounting Conference - Abu Dhabi – UAE – Feb. 2000.
•The Electronic Commerce and its Effects on Accounting - Muscat  Sultanate of Oman – October 2000.
•Intellectual Property (geographic indications)– Abu-Dhabi – UAE.

AWARDED by TAGO Chairman the following:
•Managers Excellence award for  the your 2001
•Managers Excellence award for the your 2003
•Extra efforts award for the year 2007

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