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Februray, 2012 Newsletter

Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA)


February, 2012

February 1st , 2012 – Ramallah- Palestine

Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA) participated in the membership of the steering committee which was formed by the Palestinian Government, where the formation of this Committee comes  after the issuance of the Income Tax Law No. (8 ) for 2011, this committee is working to launch a dialogue between the government and different  economical & Social sectors in Palestine, this encouraged the Palestinian Government to deal positively with the ideas and suggestions put forward by the committee members.

February 10, 2012 – Ramallah- Palestine

In complying  with the bylaws of Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA), PACPA Board of Directors has formulated the committees after the announcement for PACPA intention to activate the committees and provide an opportunity for its General Assembly Members to participate in these committees where the composition was as follows:

·         Professional conduct Committee:

1.       Mr. Jamal Milhem Chairman  

2.       Mr. Musa Abu-Dieh Member

3.       Mr. Shuaib Abu-Hakmah Member

4.       Mr. Isam Soufan Member

5.       Mr. Nasser Assali Member

  • Continuing Education Committee:

1.       Mr. Musa Abu-Dieh Chairman 

2.       Mr. Ehab Hassouneh Member

3.       Ms. Ablah Ma‘aea Member

4.       Mr. Mohammd Khaled Arafat Member

5.       Mr. Jamil Al Amleh Member

6.       Mr. Ibrahem Faroun Member

7.       Mr. Samir Sahhar Member

  • Membership Committee:

1.       Mr. Mohammad Rajae Al Qaisi Chairman 

2.       Mr. Abed Al Ghani Al- Shamali Member

3.       Mr. Tariq Khdour Member

4.       Mr. Zeyad Bali Member

5.       Mr. Saad Al Tamimi Member

6.       Mr. Bashar Fatouh Member

  • Retirement Fund Committee:

1.       Mr. Sami Dahbour Chairman 

2.       Mr. Akram Hassouneh Member

3.       Mr. Ihssan Tahsen Awad Member

4.       Mr. Rohi Kan‘an Member

5.       Mr. Majed Kiswani Member

6.       Mr. Shafeeq Awashreh Member

7.       Mr. Mahmoud Tu‘meh Member

  • Media Committee:

1.       Mr. Ghassan Soufan Chairman 

2.       Mr. Tareq Khdour Member

3.       Mr. Abed Al Ghani Al- Shamali Member

4.       Mr. Wael Izzat Nouh Member

5.       Mr. Zuhdi Shbatah Member

  • Scientific Research Committee:

    1. Mr. Akram Hassouneh Chairman 

    2. Mr. Nabeel Odeh Member

    3. Mr. Jamal Abu-Farha Member

    4. Mr. Musa Bani Odeh Member

    5. Mr. Sami Dahbour Member

  • Disciplinary Committee:

    1. Mr. Jamal Milhem Chairman 

    2. Mr. Akram Hassouneh Member

    3. Mr. Sami Dahbour Member

    4. Mr. Mohammd Rajae Al Qaisi Member

    5. Mr. Ghassan Soufan Member

    6. Mr. Musa Abu-DiehMember

    7. Mr. Bashar FatouhMember

  • Foreign Relation Committee:

    1. Mr. Akram Hassouneh Chairman 

    2. Mr. Khalil RizeqMember

    3. Mr. Saad Al TamimiMember

    4. Mr. Sami DahbourMember

    5. Mr. Musa Abu-DiehMember

    6. Mr. Mohammd Rajae Al QaisiMember

    7. Mr. Ghassan SoufanMember

February 29 , 2012 – Ramallah- Palestine

Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA) Renewed its membership in the Arab Federation of Accountants & Auditors (AFFA),

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